Attractive Destinations

  • Rajasthan

    Rajasthan attracts tourists for its historical forts, palaces, art and culture. Every third foreign tourist visiting India also travels to Rajasthan as it is part of the Golden Triangle for tourists visiting India. Endowed with natural beauty and a great history, Rajasthan stays one among the must visit places in india.

  • Himachal Pradesh

    Himachal was known since the earliest of times as "Devabhoomi", the abode of the Gods. The splendid heights of the Himalyan ranges, with its great scenic beauty and aura of spiritual calm seem the natural home of the Gods. Two thousands or more temples all over the State, reiterate this fact.

  • Gujarat

    The most sort for destination in india, Gujarat is blessed with some of the very fine museums and monuments. Ahmedabad’s walled city is a living testimony to its heritage of crafts as women walk by in dazzling embroidered garments and flashing ethnic silver jewellery. Traditional gujarat combines mosques of inspired workmanship, wooden jayn temples, unique stone stepwells and houses with ornately carved wooden balconies and window screens.

  • Maharashtra

    Maharashtra has monuments dating back to the seventeenth centuries. Maharashtra offers the adventure lovers, over 45 adventures to choose from across its length and breadth. It has over 550 forts to visit including over 20 Sea Forts, 720 km of coastline, the incredible vistas of its western ghats that has superb wildlife and camping possibilities. From water to land to aero, there is a host of adventures to choose from.

  • Goa

    The state of Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches, churches and temples. Major tourist attractions include: Bom Jesus Basilica and Fort Aguada, a Wax Museum on Indian culture and a heritage museum, of which were recently added. This tiny state is situated on the western coast of India, between the borders of Maharashtra and Karnataka and is better known to the world as a former Portuguese enclave on Indian soil.

  • Andhra Pradesh

    Andhra Pradesh has a variety of attractions including beaches, hills, wildlife, forests and temples. The state has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its rich history, architecture and culture. Andhra Pradesh is the top tourist destination in India.The state owes its existence to the sacred temple situated on the Tirumala Hills. Tirumala is the abode of Lord Venkateshwara which is the richest Hindu temple and the most visited religious center (of any faith) in the world.

  • Karnataka

    Karnataka, the eighth largest state in India has been ranked as the fifth most popular state in the country for tourism. It is home to 507 of the 3600 centrally protected monuments in India.North Karnataka has monuments that date back to the 5th century. South Karnataka is a unique combination of spectacular vesara style Hoysala architecture, colossal jayn monuments, colonial buildings and palaces of the Kingdom of Mysore.

  • Kerala

    The southern tip of india where nature is toned by the bliss of western ghats, retreats you as an exclusive stop-over of your summer perigrinations. Limitless traditions indulged with ample sophistications makes kerala appealing as a land of tranquil leisures. Here the true elegence of hospitality is elicit in all.Come and let us courteously relish into you the greatest joys that you can cherish in your mind as a good part of life.

  • Jammu and Kashmir

    The valley of Kashmir used to be vast Lake, mythologically called Satt e Sar, which in course of time got drained by deepening of the Baramulla - Khadiniyar gorge. Srinagar is located in the heart of the Kashmir valley at an altitude of 1,730 m(1530 feet) above sea level, spread on both sides of the river Jhelum.

  • Leh - Ladakh

    Leh and ladakh is the largest province within the North Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir. It is surrounded and bisected by some of the highest mountain ranges in the world. Running in a generally northwest to southeast direction through Ladakh, the great Himalayan Range separates the Vale of Kashmir from Ladakh.